Virtual Office

    IQ Business Center Virtual Office solutions means clients can run their Business hassle free. What exactly are Virtual office solutions? With Virtual services, you can Run your business from your Home or Remotely but you have access to all the services we provide. Use our office address for your company registration, so your clients will be impressed with the office location located in IT Hub. We collect all your Postal mail, couriers and hold them for you to pick up. Invite clients for meeting at our meeting facilities, our reception desk will greet them and facilitate the meeting. We can answer your calls on your behalf and forward them to your cell phone.

    All these services will make you and your clients, vendor feel you have real office location in the middle of IT corridor. Virtual office saves you $$ so you can invest saved $$ on other Business Goals. Virtual solutions are way to cut down your unneeded expenses, while enjoying the facilities of Physical office like services.

    A Virtual office has no Physical office location but you have access to services offered by our center, so you and your clients have feeling of having your own office. There are 4 different packages you can choose or all of them

    ♦    Business Address Services
    ♦    Call answering Services (Tele-communications)
    ♦    Meetings and Business Lounge usage (on-demand)
    ♦    Print/Document services
    ♦    Legal/Accounting Services


    Packages :       Business Address                  Mail Handling                 Telephony Services                 Meeting Rooms