Video conferencing

    Globalization has changed the way business is done and most of the Multi National OrganizationsVideo Conference facility having presence across the globe are finding it challenging to communicate with its business associates spread across the world. In-addition, business is not confined to a single office and only during office hours. The need to collaborate has increased drastically and with increasing pressure and rising travel costs, business executives are facing serious challenges to cut costs and improve efficiency by making themselves available at the required places. Also, a particular job might need multiple skills which might not be available at a single place.

    Because of all these reasons, the need for inter-location meetings has gained significance. This lead to the path for Video Conferences and it is very easy to reach people working in far away places. It is an effective mechanism of interacting people through two-way visual & audio communication.

    IQ Business Center offers excellent universal Video conferencing facility on rental basis.

    You can book online or contact our Video Conferencing Administrator at +91 40 6900 0110.

    Features :

    • ♦    Global point to point video conferencing
    • ♦    Supports Skype or other software based dialing
    • ♦    State of the art video conferencing equipment
    • ♦    Dedicated technical team to help you connect
    • ♦    Supports Intel WIDI feature for meeting presentations

    Benefits of our Video Conference Service include :

    • ♦    Connects the associates face-to-face spread across the globe
    • ♦    Improves efficiency and reduces travel costs
    • ♦    You can share applications and documents
    • ♦    Improves the efficiency of your organization and productivity
    • ♦    High Definition and professional quality video services
    • ♦    Easily integrates all attendees using any device
    • ♦    Expert and broadcast feature video conference services

    What can I use Video Conferencing for ?

    • ♦    Team meetings
    • ♦    Investor meetings
    • ♦    Recruitment interviews
    • ♦    CEO presentations
    • ♦    Employee training
    • ♦    Board meetings
    • ♦    Product launches
    • ♦    Crisis management situations