What keeps IQ Business Center ahead of other Serviced Offices is our focus on technology. TechnologyWe understand that you need Private / Safe / Secure and efficient Network to run your business with your employees. Also, Efficient Network with Total control of network configuration is key to work productivity.

    Not only technology, but inside the offices, we try to make sure clutter free work environment with all productivity tools handy to perform collaborative team work. We use advanced CAT6 standard wiring and options to install own Private Leased Internet Lines.

    Each office has its own Access Point (AP) Wi-Fi connectivity to their employees. Each office is optional equipment of IP monitoring, Projector points, Restricted entry with Access cards.

    ♦    We Provide 100% Private Network (No sharing of Data Network at any level)
    ♦    CAT6 Pre-wired to all ports
    ♦    Wi-Fi Access point in each office.
    ♦    You are in control of your Private Network
    ♦    Clutter free office environment due to all network equipment stay in Data Center
    ♦    CISCO powered Networking
    ♦    Provision to setup your own Server
    ♦    Firewall / VPN support
    ♦    Flat rate Internet charges