Business Address

    Small to Mid sized Companies couldn’t afford to work in business areas because of many financial resources and so these companies locates outside the IT SEZ areas which is hampering their business and unable to grow faster. IQ Business Center provides Virtual Business Address to these companies at very low prices inside the  IT Hub areas of Hyderabad. This helps the companies to get a professional image and can handle their clients with ease and grow their business faster and faster.

    6At IQ Business Center :

    When you sign up for a Virtual Business Address with IQ Business Center, you are provided a Business address in the location of IT Hub (IT SEZ). You can use this address as your formal address in your web-site and client/vendor contact. You may use it for company registration incorporation purpose if required.

    When we receive any mails we hold them and intimate you for pickup.

    These services are useful for

    ♦    Home based business looking for presence in IT Hub
    ♦    Start up company located in different location but need presence in IT corridor or IT SEZ
    ♦    Moving business who need Permanent low cost address and location.


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